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LDAC Welcomes All-Time Manufacturing


NRLA is proud to announce that All-Time Manufacturing has recently joined its lumber and building material family as an associate and retail yard. All-Time Manufacturing was founded in 1946 by three brothers, the Brodies, and was an early American innovator in no maintenance products that included marine windows, blinds, storm windows and doors, vinyl coated chain link fence, aluminum railings,and shower enclosures.

Working with General Electric, All-Time Manufacturing led the way in the use of insulated glass in high-altitude aircraft, and the company still makes superior-quality insulated glass for use in its high-quality vinyl and aluminum windows.

All-Time Manufacturing has entered its third generation as a family-owned and operated American manufacturer focusing on product excellence and service. All-Time has shipped to customers as far away as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and has continued to innovate with a range of products including no-maintenance vinyl, steel, and aluminum railings, porch enclosures, custom vinyl windows, high-quality vinyl and aluminum fencing, pergolas, gates, and more.

“At All-Time we take pride in the quality of our products and only use high quality materials such as UV-resistant virgin vinyl or rust-free aluminum alloys in our manufacturing processes,” said Rob Brodie, owner. “We manufacture our windows, doors, fences, railings, and other products to exceed industry standards. Customizable options and designs are available upon request.”


Another Successful LDAC Lobby Day
April 17, 2013

LDAC members at the Connecticut State Capitol.

LDAC Legislative Chair Greg Branecky hosted another successful lobby day in Hartford. Ten LDAC members started their lobby day off with the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Connecticut before hosting their own meeting and then gathering with about a dozen lawmakers off of the chamber floor. LDAC lobbied on the issue of a construction trust, product liability, and opposing proposed budget tax increases.

LDAC members held their lobby day partly in conjunction with the
Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Connecticut

A construction trust would make it so builders who have committed fraud are unable to hide behind bankruptcy protection. If fraud was committed, then their debts would not be dischargeable in bankruptcy court.

Product liability reform would make it so that retailers are held accountable for their own liability.

Currently, if a retailer is included in a product liability lawsuit, they may be forced to pay the entire settlement – even if they are only found liable for just a small portion of the claim. Product liability reform would make it such that if a retailer is found liable, the amount of liability would be determined and they would be required to pay the percentage of the claim for which they were found liable.

LDAC is opposing budget proposals that include sales tax, property tax, and utilities tax increases. While the budget needs to be balanced, LDAC does not believe that Connecticut can continue to use budget gimmicks and ask for continued tax increases while also proposing increased spending.


CT Members Meet With the Department of Revenue Services
By Greg Branecky, Miner’s Inc.
LDAC Legislative Chair

Joe Cecarelli, Marshall Collins (our Lobbyist), and Greg Branecky recently met with the Department of Revenue Services (DRS) to explain Lumber Dealers of Connecticut’s position on the Sales Tax Home Weatherization Products exemption, which we believe has out lived its usefulness.

The Sales Tax Exemption on Home Weatherization Products originally went into effect Nov. 25, 2005 through April 1, 2006, and was subsequently extended to May 31, 2007, at which time the legislators made it permanent. The exemption cost the State $8.2 million dollars in lost revenue during 2012 and is projected to result in $8.5 million in lost revenue for 2013.

We explained to DRS why this exemption is outdated. All major window manufacturers offer Energy Star rated windows. New home construction and most remodeling projects are using Energy Star’s windows. Additionally, we discussed how long it takes the retailer to calculate the sales tax on home weatherization, which ranges from 1 to 5 hours monthly.

The meeting went very well. They understood why this exemption is out dated. Our hope is that DRS will examine the exemption and eventually remove it. This would result in the state having additional revenue, sparing small business additional burdensome sales tax.