LDAC Intermediate Blueprint Reading & Material Estimating

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The Intermediate course is aimed at industry people that have 5 to 10 years of building industry related experience. The intermediate course continues building on the Basic/Beginner course and introduces more complex projects to estimate such as multi-story residences and multi-family structures. Cut roofs with over framing in addition to truss roofs, intersecting roofs, hip… Read more »

LDAC Introduction to Blueprint Reading & Material Estimating

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The Basic/Beginner course is geared toward participants who have little or no LBM industry related experience. Basic blueprint reading skills covered will be include; developing an operational understanding of floor plans, elevations, sections and details, as well as the interpretation of construction drawings to develop building material takeoffs. This Basic/Beginner course is a good foundational… Read more »

LDAC New Training and Development Program

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The Lumber Dealers Association of Connecticut (LDAC) is in the early stages of developing a program with the idea of introducing new people to the Lumber Building Material (LBM) industry. LDAC will partner with members in the training and development of tomorrow’s LBM employees by offering financial assistance in the form of a one-time stipend,… Read more »

Webinar Wednesdays: Moving Beyond Boring Compliance Training

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April 2, 2014 2:00pm EST David Osborn and Jessica Batz, BizLibrary Most organizations approach compliance training as “a cost of doing business” because it’s something they have to do. There is no choice. Beyond this compliance centered perspective, we believe organizations can look at the potential positive impact effective training might have on the day-to-day… Read more »