Government Affairs

The Lumber Dealers Association of Connecticut (LDAC), with 95 member companies, represents independent lumber and building material dealers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and other associated businesses in this state. Directly employing 2,450 Connecticut residents (and taxpayers), the association’s member companies account for over $1 billion in annual sales revenue.

A Significant Component of the Connecticut Economy

Connecticut lumber and building materials dealers contribute significantly to the economic and gross domestic product of the state, measured as $177.7 billion in 2008. Using multipliers developed by IMPLAN for the building and materials supply sector and annual sales figures, the sector:

  • Supports 13,300 jobs directly related to the sector and another 2,200 indirect jobs (support jobs such as truck drivers and warehouse employees) throughout the economy;
  • Generates over $267 million in investment to support its sales level; and
  • Adds another $694 million in direct value and $180 million in indirect value to support its sales level, such as compensation of employees, goods and services from other businesses, and taxes.

Institutions in Connecticut Communities for Over 100 Years

LDAC members help form the foundations of the 73 communities where they are located. From Stamford to Woodstock, and Canaan to New London, lumber and building materials suppliers are an important presence in the Connecticut communities where they do business. Many LDAC members are institutions in their communities, having served generations of customers.


Current Legislation

Cost of Doing Business Issues

As the economy continues to recover, small businesses are doing their best to provide their employees with benefits while also growing their businesses, provide more jobs, and improve the community they serve. Legislation, such as paid family and medical leave, an increase to the minimum wage, expanded paid sick leave, and predictive scheduling make the climate even more challenging for small businesses.

Product Warranty Mandates

LDAC opposed legislation that would have been overly burdensome for manufacturers of windows, roofing, and siding, and would have had serious repercussions for the independent building material dealers in Connecticut. On Friday, July 7, Gov. Malloy vetoed the legislation – a huge win for the industry and LDAC.