By pooling the collective purchasing power of our members, we are able to negotiate very competitive rates on a host of programs and services that are used every day.

We provide special pricing and discounts on many programs and services. In addition, you should consider the value of NRLA’s less tangible, but nonetheless extremely important membership benefits, including the timely supply of insightful industry information and having your interests represented before local, state, and federal governmental institutions on a daily basis.

If you have any questions regarding these programs, please contact Tammy Wandler-Ginexi, 518-527-8376, or email


LDAC Member Benefits

Established in 1892, the Lumber Dealers Association of Connecticut (LDAC) is theoldest statewide lumber dealer organization in the east. LDAC is committed to the advocacy and protection of lumber dealers’ rights. As a non-profit organization, we establish educational programs for dealers and aid lobbyists at the state and federal levels. In an industry that is forever changing, the LDAC remains a constant. Our goal always has been, is, and will continue to be the support and encouragement of dealer growth and development.

Education Offerings

Each retail member company receives $600.00 subsidy towards any education programs including interactive virtual instruction, seminars, OSHA compliant classes, crane certification, and LMS (online learning management system). Call 518-286-1010 for more information. Education offerings may be viewed at

Annual Scholarship(s)

Each year, the LDAC awards up to three $2,000 scholarships for post secondary education to member company employees or their dependents.

Keeping You Up to Date with News You can Use

Weekly Newsletter, Website and the Magazine published seven times per year.

Legislative Representation

LDAC proactively promotes and protects the interests of building material suppliers in the state legislature and within state regulatory agencies. Through legislative and regulatory reform, LDAC aims to create an improved business environment.

NRLA is affiliated with ABMA, which helps advocate on federal issues specific to the building material industry.

The ABMA, actively advocates on behalf of our members to advance, shape, and influence policy in all branches of government. We collaborate directly with members of Congress, the White House, and federal agencies to impact the legislative and regulatory process as it affects the LBM industry.

Free OSHA Compliance Manual

NRLA has heard your calls for OSHA compliance help and LDAC is pleased to present to you an updated S.O.S. manual (Simple OSHA Solutions) for the building material industry. S.O.S. is the only OSHA compliance manual made specifically for the building material industry. The manual is available online and is a $295 value.

Annual Meeting

Our Annual Banquet; a time we honor the Lumber Person of the Year and recognize the scholarship recipients.

Annual Golf Outing

Enjoy a full day of golf with lunch followed by a cocktail reception, buffet dinner and lots of prizes!


The Lumber Dealers Association of Connecticut (LDAC) represents independent lumber and building material dealers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and other associated businesses in the state of Connecticut and employs over 2,500 Connecticut residents. As an LDAC member, below are just a sample of the benefits you are entitled to through the NRLA:

  • Labor Relations Hotline
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing Services
  • Guide to Employee Handbook
  • Employment Forms
  • Training Programs
  • Certified Building Materials Specialist Industry Accreditation Program
  • OSHA Compliance Manual
  • Credit Card Processing Program
  • Property and Casualty Insurance Group
  • NRLA Roundtables
  • Healthiest You (virtual doctor visits, mental health, nutrition, etc.)
  • Assistance for NRLA member employees impacted by natural disaster

Become a Member

NRLA dealer members supply more than 70 percent of the lumber and building materials in the Northeast. The goal is to represent 100 percent of the industry. The NRLA represents your interests on legislative and regulatory issues impacting your business and is the only trade association in the Northeast that works 100 percent of the time just for you.

The NRLA harnesses the collective purchasing power of industry members in the Northeast to establish group insurance programs and provide discounts on products. Many NRLA members save more than the cost of their annual dues by participating in one or more of its programs.

Being a member of the Northeastern Retail Lumber Association has plenty of advantages. With more than 100 years of experience in the lumber and building material industry, NRLA knows your business. With our expertise and experience, we can help your business grow!

How to join the NRLA

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